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About me

“Is this the right shade of pink? Will it clash with the hero's costume? Does it complement the setting and the mood?” – These were some of the phrases I heard growing up. My mom was a costume designer who later turned into a movie producer. I was surrounded by the world of films from a very young age. All my weekends and holidays were spent on the sets. I started to slowly absorb and appreciate another world away from home.


I developed a deep appreciation for movies after watching "Baahubali", a film that transcended boundaries of language, region, country, and continent. While most people only see the success and accolades, I had the opportunity to observe the entire filmmaking process from the ground up. This experience allowed me to fall in love with the hard work and effort that goes into producing a film, and it is this aspect that drives my passion.


I devoted a significant amount of time near the monitor, closely observing the enthusiastic individuals and their activities. I monitored the numbers displayed on the screen and endeavoured to comprehend their significance. I learned about colour temperature and the meaning behind terms like 'fps'. I observed the director as he interacted with the actors, providing them with feedback and never backing down until he achieved the desired outcome. Additionally, I watched the actors take the director's notes and incorporate the subtle nuances he requested into their performances.


Fortunately, my mother started a production house that gave me a comprehensive understanding of the filmmaking industry. During my summer breaks, I worked at her production house and gained knowledge in areas such as budgeting, marketing and maintaining a positive environment for everyone to work. The experience taught me important values such as dedication, commitment, and positivity.


Working as an assistant cinematographer was when I was sure that this was truly something I was capable of doing. I coordinated between the art, costume and direction departments, and learnt about the importance of colours, having a colour palette, and the influences lighting has on mood. Additionally, I also understood the importance of social media campaigns, script analysis and effective communication skills.


Worked as a Social Media Content Creator and Instagram Handle Manager for Wallposter Cinema.
Served as the Head of Marketing for their show "Meet Cute", overseeing the promotions, organizing photoshoots, and creating content for the Wallposter Instagram handle.

Developed a creative strategy for the show, which featured distinct color palettes for each episode.
This included conducting photoshoots for each cast member in accordance with their episode's color palette, and producing engaging content that highlighted the unique themes and personalities of each episode, such as organizing interviews with real in-laws for the cast of "In Law" (Episode 3) 

All of which are displayed below