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Poem Interpretation

Eh navvu venakala eh baada dagundo.
Eh puvvunantukuntu eh mullu ponchundo.
Kanneeti vaana eh megham mosthundo.
Kuriseti daaka baruvetta daasthundo.
(loosely translated)

Wonder which smile has what sorrow hidden behind it.
Wonder which flower has a piercing thorn hiding behind it.
Wonder which cloud carries the weight of tears.
Wonder how it carries that burden until it breaks into rain.


Visual Sample

'My Hyderabad'

II was the cinematographer and director for this project. During my  experience shooting this visual sample in Hyderabad, I had the opportunity to capture the diverse cultural essence of the city through its people, places, and food.

As I went around the city, I was struck by the vibrancy and richness of the culture, which was evident in the numerous significant places and landmarks that I visited. The architecture, the street art, and the bustling markets all provided a glimpse into the city's unique history and character. Moreover, interacting with the locals allowed me to appreciate the warmth and hospitality of the people, who shared their stories and traditions with me. Finally, I couldn't miss out on exploring the city's  delights, from the mouth-watering biryani to the delectable street food.

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